Marine Articles

Marine Articles

My nautical stories have been published in magazines in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Great Britain, including Professional Boat BuilderGood Old Boat, International Yachtsman, Wooden Boat, Dinghy Sailor, Cruising World, Workboat, Showboats and dozens of other publications. I’ve written for Northwest Yachting (as a contributing writer) and Pacific Yachting (as a columnist) for two decades.

Below are just a few of my marine tales. To read sample PDF articles, click on the highlighted titles. To view PDFs, CLICK HERE to download free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Alaska Bound


During a storm in Washington’s Puget Sound, with our sailboat, Beyond the Stars, slamming into the waves, our mast broke into two pieces. “DISMASTED!” will tell you about the event and its aftermath. Published in Pacific Yachting.


B.C.’s Majestic Fjords

After rounding Cape Scott in our Hanse 411, Beyond the Stars, sailing east across the top of Vancouver Island and visiting Telegraph Cove, my husband David and I began exploring the many inlets and channels that cleave British Columbia’s mainland. Published in Pacific Yachting.

 Alaska’s Glaciers

A magnificent blue iceberg has calved off Tracy Arm’s South Sawyer Glacier north of Juneau, Alaska. During our voyage to Alaska, I learned much about how glaciers grow and wane. Published in Pacific Yachting.

Alaska Bound

Beyond the Stars’ prop goes “walkabout” in Glacier Bay National Park, and the Scotts learn and appreciate more of Alaska’s culture.

In the photo above, after a diver finds the propeller in the glacial muck 30 feet below the water’s surface, my husband David tries to put all eighteen bits together again. Published in Northwest Yachting.

Online Ocean by Marianne Scott

The Online Ocean

The ocean is more than just our cruising ground, and Ocean Networks Canada, one of the world’s most extensive marine research institutes, is using exciting new technology to see what lies beneath B.C.’s coastal waters. Published in BC Magazine.

“The Online Ocean—Ocean Networks Canada is plumbing the depths for science and safety—and you can have a front-row seat”

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