Other Writing

Dancers in the Musée d’Orsay, Paris, France

Other Writings

From house reviews to living with birds to describing a first-class volunteer charity, here is a small sample of other articles I have written over the years.

The Review: Style and Stone in Spruce Magazine

Tara and Libral Furtado, the owners of Victoria Stonescape, lived in a tiny 1910 farmhouse for nearly five years while the family home they’d dreamed about was constructed.

Art in Motion:  in Douglas, a business magazine

One designs mega-yachts. The other rebuilds classic luxury automobiles. I interviewed these two entrepreneurs who have built global renown creating “art in motion” for the world’s most discerning and passionate clientele.

I Speak Seagull: in the Globe and Mail

I speak seagull. That form of bilingualism may surprise you, but it all began when we found a house near Victoria’s waterfront. Unexpectedly, birds—common, everyday kinds of birds—have formed an intimate part of our daily lives.

How the Compassionate Resource Warehouse Comes to the Aid of the Less Fortunate: in Boulevard

In volunteer hands, excess goods from our rich society become welcome supplies around the world.

Working on a Superyacht, Parts 1 and 2: in Pacific Yachting

An insider look at the required training, experience, certificates, seatime—and looks—to work on a superyacht.

An eagle takes off in Prince Rupert

A Feast for Bald Eagles

All you want to know about how eagles grow, hunt and thrive in British Columbia with a list of places to view the “king of birds.” Published in BC Magazine.

Humorous article, Honey, I shrunk the keys

Honey, have you shrunk the keys?: in Stitches, The Journal of Medical Humour

The real difference between men and women.

Humorous article "Nethermind"

Nether mind: in Stitches, The Journal of Medical Humour

The shocking truth about the victimization of the Dutch