Travel Writing

I’ve been fortunate to travel much of the world— afloat or on foot—and to write about it.
Below are just a few of my travel tales. To read sample PDF articles, click on the highlighted titles. To view PDFs, CLICK HERE to download free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Utah National Parks

I explored two of the United States’ splendid parks in Utah, Bryce Canyon and Zion. The hoodoos create landscapes full of fantasy.

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Music by the Sea

Music by the Sea, an annual festival held in Bamfield on the west coast of Vancouver Island, allowed me to combine two loves: Sailing and music. Published in Pacific Yachting.

Göta and Trollhätte Canals.

On our family sailboat, Beyond the Stars, I crossed the entire width of Sweden on its historic Göta and Trollhätte Canals. Power Cruising magazine published my adventure of traversing the 64 locks that separate the Baltic Sea from the Kattegat.

Nootka Sound

The story is that Capt. Cook was the first European to set foot on Vancouver Island. I explored Nootka Sound with its fascinating history both Indigenous and European. Published by Pacific Yachting.


In Jordan, I spent time in an ancient territory sculpted by nature and the Nabatean people: Petra. It dates back thousands of years and supported a rich civilization.  Published in Boulevard Magazine.

Cruising the Dutch Canals

The Netherlands is crisscrossed by thousands of canals. A “standing mast route” has been created to allow sailboats with their towering masts to traverse the canals through opening bridges. Published by Northwest Yachting.

Hoonah, Alaska

Hoonah, located on Chigagoff Island, is the largest Indigenous village in Alaska. Published in Harbor Magazine.

Capital City Art Walk

Downtown Victoria is filled with sculptures, totems, paintings, fountains and other artistic creations commemorating past and present cultures. This article provides a guide to seeing these treasures—a free tour. Published in BC Magazine.