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I’ve been fortunate to travel much of the world— afloat or on foot—and to write about it.





Here is my exploration of two of America’s most outstanding parks:









 Zion National Park’s natural sculptures.





Music by the Sea allowed me to combine my twin loves: Sailing and music. (Pacific Yachting)








 View of Trevor Channel from the music theatre






On our family sailboat, Beyond the Stars, I crossed the entire width of Sweden on its historic Göta and Trollhätte CanalsPower Cruising magazine published my adventure of traversing the 64 locks that separate the Baltic Sea from the Kattegat.









 Beyond the Stars on the Göta Canal.






Closer to home, I explored Nootka Sound on Vancouver Island’s west coast for Pacific Yachting.






 Sea otter in Nootka Sound





In Jordan, I spent time in an ancient territory sculpted by nature and the Nabatean people: Petra. (Boulevard)




























Petra’s Treasury