What Editors Say

What Editors Say

“Marianne is one of Pacific Yachting’s most prolific and respected writers and I’ve had the pleasure of working with her since I took over as editor in 2009. She has all the characteristics you’d want in a quality freelancer, she’s straightforward and fun to work with, always on time, she’s reliable, her copy is clean, and she has just the right amount of tact and tenacity when dealing with forgetful editors.

“What sets her apart though is her ability to go beyond the normal and find the truly interesting places, stories and characters that help to bring our magazine to life. When I get a query list from Marianne I know it’s going to be packed within fascinating, unique ideas, and the articles she delivers have never failed to live up to those expectations.”
Dale Miller, editor BC Magazine and former editor, Pacific Yachting

“Marianne Scott is literate, entertaining and always professional. She’s every editor’s dream freelancer.”
Daniel Spurr, contributing editor, Professional BoatBuilder; former editor, Good Old Boat; former senior editor, Cruising World; former editor, Practical Sailor; and book author.

“As an editor of several national and international magazines, I have enjoyed Marianne’s freelance contributions for nearly two decades. Her proposals are always original, well-researched and appropriate to the themes and demographics of the publications to which she wishes to contribute. She follows writer’s guidelines meticulously and welcomes editorial feedback. A very professional writer, always a pleasure to work with. I hope she never retires!”
Alison Gardner, publisher and editor of Travel with a Challenge web magazine, www.travelwithachallenge.com; former editor of Canadian Maturity Magazine and Home Business Report.

“I’ve worked with Marianne for over a decade, first as editor of Pacific Yachting, then at Mariner Life and most recently, at Boat Journal. In that time she has stood out as one of those writers who makes an editor’s job easy: She has an eye for good story angles, a knack for digging up interesting details and an ability to make subjects come to life on the page. Combined with an impeccable record for delivering clean copy on time, what editor could complain?”
Simon Hill,  editor Western Mariner, former editor Boat Journal, Mariner Life and Pacific Yachting.

“We read the Spencer/Kellam article last night and drank a toast to you and the professionalism that always shows in your work. It’s hard for me to believe sometimes that you’re not even doing this in your ‘mother tongue.’ What a special gift you have!”
Karen Larson, former editor, Good Old Boat.