Meet Marianne Scott

Marianne Scott, writer, author, photographer

In the late 1990s, I sailed to French Polynesia’s Tahiti and Bora Bora in a 35-foot sailboat with my husband, David. The 14-month adventure on the Pacific Ocean changed the focus of my writing life. Instead of penning weekly Chamber of Commerce articles, general interest articles and teaching writing seminars, I started chronicling sea-related topics, boating in all its guises, travel, people and places. Since then, I’ve been fortunate to sail and write about our voyages in the Baltic and North Seas, the Dutch canals, and the waters of Washington State, British Columbia and Alaska—all in our family sailboats.

I like offbeat stories that include unusual people and events, history, geology, science and technology. Thus, I’ve described the scientific work of Oceans Network Canada, life aboard Capt. Cook’s Endeavour, plastics in our oceans, how to hitch rides on other people’s yachts, charting adventures in the Northwest Passage, the sinking of the Explorer off Antarctica, running an adventure ship from the crew’s point of view, boat repair, ecological cruises and boating safety. I’ve profiled scores of people influential in the marine industry, including renowned yacht builders, designers and naval architects.

Although I have focused on marine- and travel-related writing, other subjects regularly pique my interest. I’ve been a columnist and contributed research features to Diabetes Dialogue and written pieces about musicians and music festivals. I’ve described all the craft distilleries on Vancouver Island and how to create your own public art walk in Victoria.

Alicia Telfer Photography

I emigrated in my teens from the Netherlands to the United States and had to learn English quickly. I studied in France and am fluent in English, French, and Dutch. I earned a B.A. and M.A. from The Ohio State University and a Ph.D. at Michigan State (French language and literature). I moved to Canada three-and-a half decades ago. I’ve been fortunate to have lived in several countries. That experience, along with my studies and multiple languages, have helped me develop researching skills and allowed me to meet fascinating people around the world.